Noble Network Conference Champions!

Pritzker Women's and Men's Cross Country Teams win the Noble Network Conference Championship! 

Ben Das selected as a 2015 Fishman Prize Finalist
Noble ranks as 4th most change-making high school in U.S.
Women's Soccer wins NAC Championship and IHSA Regional

Women's Soccer wins the Noble Athletic Conference Championship and IHSA's Class 2A Regional Championship.

Pritzker wins 6 Noble Network Conference Champions!

Pritzker Women's and Men's Cross Country Teams, Football, Cheerleaders, Women's Rugby and Women's Soccer win the Noble Network Conference Championship! 

Noble Efforts Change Lives.

Applications are now CLOSED for the 2018-2019 school year. 8th graders who were wait-listed will be contacted on April 18th.


8th-grade students who applied for the 2018-2019 school year will be receiving offer emails from late March. In order to secure your spot, please accept your offer online at before April 13th at 4 pm. For question please call Pritzker. Wait-listed students will be called on April 18th with offers. Families who are called have until Monday to accept.

Fechas importantes
Viernes 30 de marzo: Se envían las notificaciones
Viernes 13 de abril: Fecha final para aceptar o declinar ofertas
Miércoles 18 de abril: Comienza la oferta a lista de espera

Pritzker College Prep, founded in 2006, is one of the first expansion campuses of the Noble Network of Charter Schools. The majority of our students are first generation college attendees. All students are admitted via lottery with the only requirements being that they complete the application on time, successfully graduate from 8th grade, and live in the city of Chicago.  As of 2016, we have been accepted as an IB School, and as such our students are now able to take part in their internationally acclaimed diploma programme.   

Pritzker has now graduated its first seven senior classes. All of our students have enjoyed 100% four-year college acceptance rates.  Over 70% of our students attend the top 100 ranked colleges in America. More importantly, 90% of our students are the first in their families to attend college. Pritzker's success in preparing students for college confirms the power of the Noble model.  

Pritzker takes great pride in creating a holistic high school experience for our students.  As one of the larger schools in our network, we have the opportunity to offer over 11 AP classes annually (7 in STEM subjects), more than 15 varsity sports, and over 50 clubs and enrichment opportunities.  What our students learn goes beyond the four walls of our classrooms.  Students every year have the chance to travel nationally and internationally for school related trips.  These destinations include, but aren’t limited to, Italy, Spain, Germany, England, China, Costa Rica, Boston, New Orleans, and Philadelphia.  

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