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Pritzker College Prep is one of the first expansion campuses of the Noble Network of Charter Schools, being founded in 2006. The majority of our students are first generation college attendees. All students are admitted via lottery with the only requirements being that they complete the application on time, successfully meet their 8th grade graduation requirements, and must live in the city of Chicago.

Pritzker has now graduated its first four senior classes since opening in 2006. All our students have enjoyed 100% four-year college acceptance rates. The four-year matriculation rate stands at 87% with the other 13% -- due to financial challenges -- attending two-year colleges. Furthermore, over 70% of our students attend the top 100 ranked colleges in America. More importantly, 90% of our students are the first in their families to attend college. Pritzker's success in preparing students for college confirms the power of the Noble model.

We look forward to the Spring of 2014, when nearly half of our inaugural class of 2010 will graduate college in four years. Many more are poised to graduate in the next two years.


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