Meet Our School Leaders

Pablo Sierra, Principal of Pritzker College Prep and The Noble Academy 

Pablo SierraAs a latch-key kid and a product of the Chicago Public School system it was perhaps inevitable that Pablo Sierra’s professional career would someday turn full circle in the service of under-served urban students. After leaving law school to open a small chain of frozen yogurt cafes in the late 1980s, the experience of dealing with more than 60 adolescents while running his stores awakened a new passion in Pablo – teaching.

Eight years into his teaching tenure in an embattled school in the city’s Little Village neighborhood, Pablo’s entrepreneurial appetite again stirred as he contemplated his next move. The idea was to combine world class management training and his passion for teaching and use it run a highly effective public school in Chicago. However, even with a Kellogg MBA in hand, it turned out to be bureaucratically impossible to transfer those skills into running a school.

The peculiarities of an archaic credentialing system required a type 75 certificate in order to become a principal. As fortune would have it, his principal training with New Leaders led him to an internship at Noble Street College Prep in 2003. During his first 15 minutes at Noble, Pablo came to understand that this was to be the game-changer in urban education.

Finally, Pablo’s entrepreneurial zeal and teacher/principal training became synergized as he witnessed a nascent but highly effective charter disruptor take hold. During his internship at Noble, he helped author the Noble Network expansion plan. Since then, he has founded one of the first Noble expansions – Pritzker College Prep - and has helped open a number of Noble inspired high schools in Chicago, New Orleans, Minneapolis, and soon, New York.

Carrie Spitz, School Director of Pritzker College Prep 

Carrie Spitz attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison as an undergraduate student where she double majored in Spanish and Psychology.  While in school, she lived abroad in Seville, Spain and still attributes this experience as being one of the most influential of her life. After graduating, Mrs. Spitz was accepted to Teach for America and started her teaching career as a Spanish teacher at Harper High School.  During this time she also completed her MAT.  Forever a student, she received her Ed.S in the summer of 2013.  Mrs. Spitz joined Pritzker in 2007 as the Frosh Literature teacher and later became the Dean of Instruction and an Assistant Principal.  She is excited to continue to raise the bar of what’s possible as the Campus Leader.