Student Demographics & Achievements


At the heart of understanding who we are and what drives us is our students. Every decision we make is with the student’s best interest at the core. The student is at the center of our existence as a school, and our mission is driven by and for our student’s future options after high school.
While our students are mostly Hispanic, they come from varying backgrounds, traditions, and upbringing. They also come to us from over 140 different Elementary schools with different levels of expectation and results.
Pritzker can initially be very challenging for our students.
Piled on top of a social adjustment is learning the “Pritzker” way of doing things. It is easy to see how our students can be extremely stressed out in their first few days and weeks at Pritzker. This challenge is most profound at the 9th grade level when our students enter Pritzker and are hit hard with how differently we may do things. Many students find that the effort and work that once earned them “As” is now earning them
“Cs”. Being 5 minutes late is actually not considered to be on-time, and homework is not optional. Learning our entire Code of Conduct takes time, and we must support them in this process while being relentless about its importance. We believe in being “warm/strict”: our love is as real as our consequences may be. As a staff,
we work at maintaining our school’s high expectations of culture and accountability while remembering that this student context lives within those we teach. Our commitment to do so ensures that all of our decisions are grounded in how to best serve our students, their families, and our city.

Student Demographics

We serve a mainly low-income student body that comes from more than 25 different Chicago communities to attain a high-quality education.

  • Hispanic – 95%
  • Black – 4%
  • White – 1%

Pritzker College Prep Achievements

Beginning with the first ACT our juniors took in 2010, Pritzker has consistently led the pack when it comes to ACT growth. In fact, our ACT growth is stronger than that of selective high schools like Northside Prep, Whitney Young, and Walter Payton.

Our overall score is very competitive as well, and grows yearly; during this last test, our average was 21.6, with a 21 being considered a “college-readiness level”. Pritzker College Prep has been recognized by both Mayor Daley and Mayor Emanuel, as well as several news networks, for outstanding performance and quality instruction. With the instruction provided by our amazing faculty, 100% of our students from our latest graduating class have been accepted at 4-year universities. 91% are attending 4-year universities and 8% are attending 2-year colleges.