Teaching at Pritzker

Pritzker College Prep provides an amazing balance between support and autonomy. Being here gives you the freedom to teach how you see fit, while being able to collaborate with an entrie network of other wholy passionate educators.

— Wes, Pritzker College Prep Teacher

Pritzker College Prep drives their student achievement to the next level by employing an emboldened staff of educators, ready to own their classroom and find the very best methods of teaching their students. Teaching at Pritzker provides a unique opportunity to developmeaningful relationships with classes, push students to achieve their best, and grow as an educator and leader.

Professional Development

One of the things that makes Noble unique is our focus on data-driven continuous improvement.  Four times per year, all Noble teachers come together for "Network PD" following quarterly student assessments.  Teachers meet in small groups organized by grade and subject area to discuss results, share best practices, and strategize for the upcoming quarter.  It is because of this collaborative process that Noble has been able to improve students' academic success as we have expanded.  More smart educators around the table sharing strategies = better student results.

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