College and Scholarship Resources

College Counseling Selectivity Chart

Below is a chart our Noble Network College Team uses during senior year to help students and families determine which schools to apply to.  We encourage families to explore the chart in different ways:

  • Identify schools for which you are currently eligible and on track to gain admission.
  • Find the type of schools that interest you and identify the GPA and ACT you will need.

Scholarship Resources 

Types of Scholarships Your Student Should Apply To:

  • Institutional Scholarships
    • These are scholarships from colleges and universities.
    • Prioritize applying to these scholarships! Your student can research scholarship opportunities at every school he or she has been accepted to.  
  • Merit Based Scholarships
    • These scholarships require your student to do something to earn the aid. They may have to write an essay, have a specific ACT or GPA, or complete an online application.
    • Merit Based Scholarships can be awarded based on:
      • Academic achievement
      • Athletic achievement
      • Artistic Achievement
    • Prioritize local scholarships because the pool of competition is smaller.
      • Churches and community centers may offer scholarships.
      • Check with your employer to see if they offer scholarship opportunities.
      • Use the Chicago Public Schools bulletin to find more opportunities. Download the bulletin below.

CPS Scholarship GUIDE


Scholarship Search Engines

Want to help your student find and apply for scholarships? Use the search engines below!

Other Important Financial Aid Information

  • This year the FAFSA opens up in the fall, seniors will be applying for FAFSA in their Collegiate Seminar Classes in October. If you have any questions, please contact your student's College Counselor. Also, make sure you file your 2016 taxes as soon as possible so your student can update the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

  • You may qualify for FREE assistance filing your taxes. Check out Ladder Up’s website to see if you qualify!