Pritzker Athletics



Playing sports at Pritzker College Prep is a privilege.  Students at Pritzker work hard in the classroom and that hard work and discipline pays off on the fields and courts.  Pritzker has won its share of Noble Network Championships in all of the sports we offer. Our football team went undefeated two years in a row. We have even won a State Championship in Men’s Rugby. One of our alumni was a member of the Academic All-State Football team.  Championships and individual honors are great, but what we are most proud of at Pritzker is how our athletes act on and off the field. We play sports the way they were meant to be played. We work hard. Win or lose we work hard. Our coaches understand the culture at Pritzker; this is why they choose to stay even though they might have the chance to coach at bigger programs. They all know that the athletes on their team are respectful, hardworking, and disciplined.  Very few high school athletes are going to play in college, and even fewer will play professionally.  However, at Pritzker College Prep, each student athlete will be part of a team that will enhance their chances of success in life because of the values that we instill.

Boys’ Sports

Football | Soccer | Cross Country | Basketball | Baseball | Rugby | Ultimate Frisbee

Girls’ Sports

Rugby | Volleyball | Cross Country | Basketball | Soccer | Softball | Cheerleading | Ultimate frisbee