Prospective Students

At Pritzker, we believe in giving the students a well-rounded and complete high school experience. We work hard to ensure our school provides all the same opportunities many larger, high performing urban and suburban high schools provide. This includes our intentional decision to employ a full time, on-site social worker to ensure our student’s various needs are met with consistency and care. We offer a plethora of varsity and JV sports including more traditional sports such as volleyball, football, cheer leading, soccer, basketball, baseball, and softball, and more specialized sports such as rugby (girls and boys) and ultimate frisbee. In addition to sports, we offer after school clubs that are created by students for students to meet student interests. These range from yoga and anime to cinema and drill team. We aspire to have something for every student to engage with and find pride in. Additionally, every student gets to choose from one of five electives courses, which they learn as a novice in 9th grade and become leaders and masters of by 12th grade.
To help ensure that no student falls through the cracks, and to make our community more intimate, each student is assigned an advisor and stays with their same advisory class for all four years. This continuity allows a trust and intimate knowledge of each student’s strengths and struggles as they travel through high school and seek support in their college placement and search. Our advisory program is truly something that sets Noble apart, and it is often considered one of the most important aspects of our student experience.