Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activites available at Pritzker

Pritzker has more than 40 extracurricular clubs and activities. If you don't see anything that interests you, please email Ms. Ryden and Ms. Johnson who can give you guidance on how to start a club of your own.



For complete descriptions and requirements, click here for a club by club break down.

Plain Text = Part-time Activity. Generally open to all interested students. Students are welcome to join more than one as long as they don’t conflict.



Sponsor/Contact Info


Art Club

Ms. Portelli: gportelli@pritzkercollegeprep.org

Ms. Shein:


Mr. Stroud:


In Art Club, students create art in an open studio environment.  Students may choose to elaborate on a style that they are experimenting with individually or to develop new artistic ideas with suggested group projects and techniques.  Art Club also provides an opportunity to discuss art-related topics. Meeting on Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00


Mr. Wetmore:


Conditioning will begin around January of 2018; we will practice/play M-F in the afternoon and Saturday could potentially be all day, depending on game schedule.


Mr. Groch


Our goal is to perform a range of songs/ raps designed to be funky, dance-able and an overall good time. Styles may include Hip Hop, Bachata, Cumbia, Reggae and more, driven by student interest. Singers, rappers and musicians - this club is for you.

Book Club

Ms. Eggum


Mr. Scott


Ms. Young


Student-driven discussion about books students choose.   It’s fun!

Boys’ Basketball

Mr. Palmer


Mr. Wetmore


To learn the game of basketball.

Boys’ Rugby

Mr. Lawson:


Mr. Hernandez


To learn and play the game of Rugby.

Boys’ Soccer

Ms. Espinoza:


Ms. Meyers:


Mr. Groch


Our mission is to find dedicated players that wish to participate in a high-quality soccer experience. Each player must exhibit great sportsmanship and want to be part of the team. Above all, each player should possess a true love of the game and want to have fun.

Boys’ Volleyball

Ms. Shein

Boys’ Volleyball is a non-competitive club activity where any boys, no matter what skill level, are welcome to come play pick-up games Mondays before school.

Chicago Cultural Club (CCC)

Ms. Levit:

This club will expose Pritzker students to the fantastic city in which we live and have FUN while doing so!

Co-Ed Cheerleading

Ms. Pallardy:


Ms. Cross:


The Pritzker cheerleaders are a group of committed men and women who not only bring spirit and pride to our school at games, but have placed 1st in the Noble Network competition 4 years in a row. You must be dedicated, hardworking and spirited to be a part of our team.

Coding Club

Ms. Schwartz:


For beginner and advanced coders in 10th-12th grade. Students can complete one online coding course per semester. Optional work time on Mondays from 4-5 p.m.

Core and Cardio

Ms. Lee


Core and Cardio is meant for all girls at any level of fitness. The goal is to feel like strong and proud ladies through a supportive workout environment. Come workout with Ms. Lee and a rotating crew of female teachers. This club will kick your butt but also make you laugh while it's happening! Attendance can count towards either PritzkerFit or Core and Cardio enrichment. Mondays: 4:15-5:15 in 301, starting 9/18.

Cross Country

Ms. Robinson: trobinson@pritzkercollegeprep.org

Mr. Sosa:


Ms. Moran:


Ms. Johnson:


To train students for long-distance running and compete in races across the city. (Co-ed)

Drill Team

Gunnery Sergeant Alvarez Jr.


The purpose of the drill team is to promote unity and pride in the competition teams of MCJROTC. There Varsity and “JV”, which compete throughout the entire academic year. Typically there over 12 competitions, some out of state. The teams are divided into “Un-Armed Squads, Platoons, Armed Squad Platoons, Color Guards, Inspection Teams and a Physical Fitness Team. Cadets typical form the teams, however other electives are encouraged to join teams.  Mondays-Thursdays: 7:15-8:05; Fridays 7:15-8:05/1:30-3:30

Ethics and Current Affairs Club

Mr. Scott:


To foster ethical decision making and engage in discussions about important topics that affect our everyday lives. This helps develop research skills, critical thinking, and public speaking.  Unlike debate, ethics encourages people to consider all options and come out with a well-balanced solution.

FBI Explorers

Ms. Sarah Henkelmann


Ms. Kathleen Brown


This is a program that teaches high school students about the FBI.  Students meet at the FBI building 1-2 times/month and are instructed by FBI agents about interrogation techniques, bomb diffusion, etc.  There are interactive seminars where students collaborate and practice their skills.  The application and interview process takes place in the spring of each school year.

Film Club

Ms. Cross:


Mr. Rosentel:


The purpose of Film Club is to analyze movies as a visual and auditory art form. As you discover films’ deeper meanings, you will further appreciate them and improve your observational and analytical skills. Also, we eat popcorn while watching movies. What more do you need?



To develop as athletes and compete in network football games.


Ms. Burns


To empower positive change in the lives of girls. Freshman and sophomore girls only!

Girls’ Basketball

Mr. Burns


To be a competitive basketball team that can compete against the Noble Network and city of Chicago to win a Noble Championship and/or Regional Title.

Girls’ Rugby Football Club

Mr. Hernandez: jehern76@gmail.com

Mr. Lawson: llawson@pritzkercollegeprep.org

Pritzker Girls’ Rugby is an elite rugby football club dedicated to building the strongest female athletes, scholars, and leaders in the Noble Community.

Girls’ Soccer

Ms. Espinoza:


Ms. Meyers:


Ms. Schwartz:


Our mission is to find dedicated players that wish to participate in a high-quality soccer experience. Each player must exhibit great sportsmanship and want to be part of the team. Above all, each player should possess a true love of the game and want to have fun.

Girls’ Volleyball

Mr. Biddix


To be a competitive volleyball team that can compete against the Noble Network and city of Chicago to win a Noble Championship and/or Regional Title.

Glam Club

Ms. MacCallum:



To create a space in which students who are interested in makeup and hair, the techniques of applying makeup and styling hair, as well as other beauty tips, can attend. This club is intended for people interested in make-up and hair, and for people with ALL skill levels/interest levels.

Global Glimpse

Ms. Johnson:


Mr. Wetmore:


Mr. Biddix:


Prepare for and partake in an amazing, life-changing summer study abroad leadership program. Students can earn scholarships to visit Nicaragua, Ecuador or Dominican Republic for 18 days. Students will learn about different cultural differences, how to help those less fortunate and develop leadership. Juniors only!

Honors Choir

Mr. Cole


Honors Choir is an extension of the Choir program, where advanced students collaborate to compete throughout the city, state, and country.

IVY (International Voices of Youth) League

Mr. Scott: sdick@pritzkercollegeprep.org

Promote English speaking, reading, and writing activities, help to improve your fluency and accuracy when speaking, but most important of all to have fun and learn new things.

Math Team

Ms. Haider: hhaider@pritzkercollegeprep.org

Ms. Fifolt: afifolt@pritzkercollegeprep.org

Mr. Jewell: mjewell@pritzkercollegeprep.org

Ms. Shein: MShein@pritzkercolelgeprep.org

Mr. Selan:  dselan@pritzkercollegeprep.org

Math Team is an academic organization dedicated to math! We compete against 25 others schools over the course of the year to determine a city champion and prepare for competition at the state level. If you love math, want to become better at math, or want to challenge yourself mathematically, math team is the place for you!

Mosaic Movement

Ms. Guy: jguy@pritzkercollegeprep.org

Mosaic Movement is a student-based organization focused on the cultural, social, and academic needs of African and African-American students and their allies attending Pritzker. The Mosaic Movement exists to bring people of all races and ethnic backgrounds together to encourage, empower, enlighten, embolden and enrich the African and African-American student body. The movement works to educate all on African American history and culture while being a safe place for students to unite and share concerns, issues, or ideas. 

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Gunnery Sergeant Alvarez:


Mixed Martial Arts will focus on physical conditioning, mental disciplines in mixed martial arts forms, standing and grappling skills. The club will meet twice a week, also will meet on and off school campus. The club is a co-ed club and welcomes all students.

Pritzker Ambassadors Club

Ms. Martinez:


Pritzker Ambassadors will earn community service credit for volunteering at events for families of 8th graders considering Pritzker.


Mr. Wetmore: awetmore@pritzkercollegeprep.org

Ms. Robinson: trobinson@pritzkercollegeprep.org

Ms. Cross: scross@pritzkercollegeprep.org

Mr. Rychlik:


The purpose of PritzkerFit is to improve personal health, learn more about your fitness interests, and create a community of fitness-minded students.

Read MAS!

Ms. Allen


Book club focused specifically on Mexican American authors.

Smash the Patriarchy

Ms. Lee


Mr. Riggs


This club works towards creating a safe space for students to talk about issues in today’s society. The goal is to raise awareness about all issues that women face.


Ms. Spitz:


Ms. Meyers


The purpose of Snowball is to make Pritzker a place where random acts of kindness, good deeds, and respect are at the forefront of what we do. Applications for leadership opportunities will be given out in late September, and the Snowball retreat will take place in February. Questions? See Mrs. Spitz or Ms. Meyers.

Speech & Debate

Mr. Watkins: jwatkins@pritzkercollegeprep.org

Mr. Rosentel: crosentel@pritzkercollegeprep.org

Our purpose is to help you find your inner spark for the art of Forensics, or competitive speech and debate. The Speech and Debate team is an incredible resource for developing skills in public speaking and debate that will benefit you throughout high school, college, and beyond. We are a team, and we require commitment. But, if you put in the effort, your confidence will grow in previously unimaginable ways.

Stand Up! Speak Out! (SUSO/ LGBTQ Club)

Mr. Sosa:


Ms. Wasserman:


Student sponsor: Sophia Gomez


Stand Up Speak Out is an after school club that aims to create a safe place for students to discuss social justice issues such as the LGBTQ community, gender inequality, and non-traditional family dynamics. SUSO hopes to help students gain confidence, knowledge, critical thinking skills, and tools for supporting their peers.


Ms. Lee


STEM Club pushes students to experience the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and math outside of the classroom setting. Run primarily based on student interests, this club allows students to explore different areas of interest through research and experiments while simultaneously pushing students out of their comfort zone through Guest Speakers and research. Meetings times vary based on interests. Please email Ms. Lee with further questions.

Student Government

Ms. Haider:


Ms. Shein:


Mr. Riggs: ariggs@pritzkercollegeprep.org

Student government will be a group of elected student representatives for each grade level who meet to address student body needs and wants and foster school spirit. Four representatives from each grade level will hold a campaign and be elected to positions (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary) to serve their grade level by representing the students with the school's administration and organizing different events (dances, fundraisers, etc.) for the student body.

The Card Game (TCG) Club

Mr. Schrishuhn:


The card game club is for students interested in playing and learning how to play Magic, Pokémon, and Yu-gi-oh!. We will meet on Wednesdays from 4-5pm.


Two Left Feet

Ms. Brick:


Mr. Salgado:


Two Left Feet is a place to have fun and get exercise through dance. All dance instruction is led by Pritzker students. Dances we will learn include bachata, salsa, merengue, and cumbia.

Ultimate (Frisbee)

Ms. Steph Landry:


Ms. Sammi Wong


Mr. Schrishuhn:



Pritzker Jaguar Ultimate’s Mission is to form a competitive team that can compete with the top schools in the country. Through intense dedication, rigorous training, and professional communication we aim to develop strong agile athletes who can advocate for themselves and step into professional leadership roles both on and off the field.

Wrestling Team

Gunnery Sergeant Alvarez Jr.


Promote good sportsmanship, health and wellbeing for the love of wrestling. Teach the love of the sport, open to all, it’s a co-ed sport! Free-style wrestling techniques will be taught; the season begins in October and ends February. It is considered a winter sport.


Ms. Curtin:


The Yearbook Club is responsible for creating and promoting Pritzker’s annual yearbook. This includes designing the layout, choosing features, taking pictures, and much more. The Yearbook Club will also help promote and sell the yearbook.

Yoga Club

Ms. Young:


Practice yoga in a safe and inclusive space. No experience needed!



*Note: Bolded Text = Full-time Activity. May require tryouts. Students are strongly encouraged to only join one at a time

Plain Text = Part-time Activity. Generally open to all interested students. Students are welcome to join more than one as long as they don’t conflict.